Who The Fuck Am I ?


Q : Who are you ?

A: I’m Raymond and I  make music

Q: You have like..an artist name ?
A: Yea I’m ‘RFTW’ when I rap and ‘Italic(F) when I produce.

Q:Name is pretty cheesy how’d you come up with that ?
A: Yea it used to be RayFTW, because that was my twitter name. But it’s abridged now

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 9.28.55 PM

Q: And how did Italic(F) come about ?
A: I was thinking of different names after I got tired of RayFTW, then like..I wrote it on a piece of paper and I slanted the ‘F’ in RayFTW. Then I was like ohhh shit Italic F.

Q: So this is your site ?
A: Yea it’s still in the rudimentary stages, but yea all my music,photos,videos and shit will be here.

A: It’s the name of my upcoming EP under RFTW. I’m going to try to produce the whole thing but I don’t think I’ve reached that staged production wise as yet.

Q: What are your favorite movies ?
A:I like mob films, like Casino and Goodfellas. I reference them a lot in my music. Oh and anything with Ryan Gosling. He’s God.


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